Energy efficiency: Optimal drive concepts make an important contribution

Date 15.09.2021

Reduction and optimisation of energy and resource consumption is an economic and ecological need for industrial companies worldwide. Electric drives have a great share in industrial electrical energy consumption. With energy-efficient drive concepts, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supports its customers in realising these savings potentials.

The energy-efficient IE3 UNIVERSAL motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is available in the 0.12 to 45 kW power range.

Optimisation of the efficiency of the drive system as a whole, including the application in which it is implemented, is a significant factor for savings. Here, the potential is typically between 30 and 60%. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been committed to this task since the start of the energy debate several decades ago and attempts to reconcile sustainability, improved economy, higher energy efficiency as well as optimised functionality and performance in all new and further developments of its drive systems

Practical implementation of present energy efficiency regulations
Due to the tightening in force since 01 July 2021 with regard to energy efficiency of electric motors and speed controls, the use of IE3 motors in additional power ranges is thus not only economically more attractive but in part also mandatory. Among other things, energy efficiency class IE3 now also applies to 3-phase asynchronous motors with rated powers from  0.75 kW to  1,000 kW, and now also to 8-pole motors that have been an exception so far. Provisions for the smaller 3-phase asynchronous motors with rated powers from  0.12 kW to < 0.75 kW have been newly added. They must now comply with energy efficiency class IE2. In a new free white paper on energy efficiency with three-phase motors, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides important detailed knowledge about the design of energy-efficient geared motors and frequency inverters as well as the
current international efficiency regulations

UNIVERSAL motor complies with the new Ecodesign Regulation
With the energy-efficient NORD UNIVERSAL motor for power ranges from 0.12 to 45 kW, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers an economic IE3 motor that complies with all international regulations. Where previously IE2 motors could be used in combination with frequency inverters, higher standards are now being applied to energy efficiency. In the EU, the IE3 efficiency class regulation has not so far been applied to drives below 0.75 kW, whereas in China the IE3 class has been mandatory for all 3-phase induction motors with 120 W and higher since June 2021. The UNIVERSAL motor covers this power range. It has been certified according to all common standards for use throughout the world. It therefore allows for the systematic reduction of versions and offers decisive cost advantages, especially for international projects.


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