Engineered Access Covers and Surface Water Drainage Systems

Company Gatic
Date 30.10.2012

Gatic CPD presentation. Manhole/Access Covers and Drainage Gratings. Your place. Say when.

The Gatic brand is recognised worldwide as being at the forefront of manhole/ access cover and drainage grating design. We provide a wide range of solutions to facilitate safe and secure access to underground services and equipment.

Our CPD presentations are widely attended and well received. We are organising a new round of visits now, all you have to do is tell us when you want us to visit you.

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We also supply all attendees with a copy of our comprehensive access cover software.

Gatic Manhole/Access Covers CPD Presentation

• Company Introduction
• Background to Manhole/Access Covers and Drainage Gratings
• Purpose of Manhole/Access Covers and Drainage Gratings
• Applications
• Relevant Standards
• Loading Categories
• Product Range
• Product Innovation
• Assist Lift Covers
• Installation/Operation/Maintenance
• Use of Access Cover Software
• Questions and Answers

All participants are provided with a Certificate of Attendance which counts towards your CPD.

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