Engineered Access Covers and Surface Water Drainage Systems

Company Gatic
Date 17.08.2011

Larnaca Airport, Cyprus

Gatic Slotdrain was selected for use in the air-side locations on this project, although a cast in-situ channel was originally specified. The joint-venture group of contractors found that the cost for the complete Gatic Slotdrain channel unit (F900KN loading) was much less than the cost of heavy-duty gratings and frames.

It was also estimated that Gatic Slotdrain would be up to four times quicker to install compared with a cast in-situ channel.

The design proposal provided by Gatic for Larnaca Airport also eliminated over 1400metres of underground pipe-work from the original design, saving the construction group a significant amount of installation time and money.

The client and contractors appreciated the benefits of Gatic Slotdrain so much, that the system was also installed in the new car park areas at both Larnaca and Paphos Airports.

Img_162_Larnaka Apron area 2.JPG Img_163_Larnaka Car park 1.JPG

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