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Date 22.10.2019

Putting the iQ in Airports


New Video: How can AiQ future-proof your airport? 

With air passenger footfall expected to double by 2037 around the world, it’s essential that your airport is operating at maximum capacity – and planning ahead for intelligent growth. Watch the video to find out how AiQ can help.

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Enhancing Efficiencies in your Airports Baggage Systems

The efficiency of the airport baggage process has a direct effect on passenger satisfaction and airport punctuality.

With increasing passenger numbers, tough competition and the pressures of new security standards, the need to constantly review your process and asset replace your equipment with brand new technologies has never been more crucial for the success of airports.

Baggage presents a multitude of challenges, find out how AiQ can make enhance efficiencies in your BHS.

How to Enhance your BHS

Check-In to Gate Capacity Assessment at London Southend Airport

As holistic airport capacity experts, we carried out a kerbside to boarding gates capacity assessment for London Southend Airport to support their future growth plans from the current 1 mppa to 5 mppa.

We collected data, carried out surveys and produced scenario models for each process to assist their future growth plans. Our team identified opportunities for increased capacity and  process time improvements within security, check-in and eGates.

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Baggage Capacity Assessment at Budapest Airport 

Budapest Airport, the largest in Hungary serving 14.8 mppa asked AiQ to undertake an arrival and departures baggage capacity assessment. The challenge was to help the airport through the summer while a new temporary baggage facility was constructured.

Our experienced team defined capacity and highlighted operational bottlenecks, making recommendations to address resourcing constraints. New operating rules and principles were outlined in addition to introducing a new management system to improve operational efficiency.

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How can Airport Modelling and Simulation help you Visualise your Airport 

Airports consist of a multitude of stakeholders ranging from the operations team, airlines, and airport management to investors.  All have varying degrees of responsibility, and all need to clearly understand the impact of their actions and decisions upon the airport.

Creating simple and clear capacity models and simulations helps visualise how your airport is currently performing and provides invaluable decision-making support for future growth plans.

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