Eradicating the cost of CUTE for Airlines

Company Ink Aviation
Date 16.07.2018

With good reason, Airlines will look at all sorts of opportunities to reduce cost.

Carriers avoid bulky in-flight magazines, lay thinner carpets and serve food in light cardboard boxes. Some airlines have removed safety equipment for emergency water landings on those that do not fly above water. And I wasn’t surprised when I recently read of a new Canadian start up announcing to be the first to charge for use of the toilet!

So in an industry that serves fussy customers and operates on thin margins, how else can modern airlines cut costs without cutting corners?

One obvious morsel of low hanging fruit is the cost for CUTE access. Needed by airlines to process passengers at check-in, the cost can be considerable. Of course, the face of common use is changing as the check-in hall evolves and systems such as single token biometrics take hold. But we are still some way from this becoming ubiquitous globally. Before this happens, there are smaller, more affordable steps airlines can make to drive costs down.

Which is exactly why we have been working on creating alternatives for the industry.

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