ERCON COMPOSITES Supplies 8 nos of Frangible Glide Path Masts of 15 meters height to various airports in Spain

Company Ercon Composites
Date 20.08.2018

ERCON Fiber Glass Lighting Masts are light weight but structurally very strong in design. It is Frangible meeting Annex 14 & ICAO Part 6 Frangibility Criteria. They are available in various lengths and suitable for Airport Lighting or Telecom Antennas on top.

Due to its very light weight it requires no verification of Building structures required to install these towers. It comes in Height of 3-20 metres in prefabricated modular sections in 3m/5m /6m Lengths complete with assembly Inserts and couplers and base mounting for roof top or ground installation and can be just lifted by few men in place. Specially designed base structure is available for Roof Mount and for ground foundation mount designs. Hinged base Plate is also available for easy maintenance. ERCON is known for high quality Standards. It provides quality services from engineering and Design to Custom orders and prompt delivery. ERCON delivers more than products and supports, it delivers Results.


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