European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

Date 06.05.2014

Spain’s air navigation service provider, AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea), has concluded a bilateral agreement with EUROCONTROL for the billing and collection of terminal charges at their airports.

On signing the agreement, AENA’s Director of Air Navigation, Ignacio González Sánchez, remarked: “EUROCONTROL’s Central Route Charges Office has been billing and collecting route charges for us since 1986. They have proved to be competent, quick and efficient in all their dealings with us over the years and it made economic sense to confide this extra service to them.”

The Central Route Charges Office, CRCO, bills and collects route charges for 43 States and has signed 14 bilateral agreements with States for terminal charges. Given this wide scope, the CRCO is able to make considerable economies of scale and has extremely high levels of productivity.

Thanks to the solid cooperation it enjoys with States, air navigation service providers and airspace users, it has an excellent recovery rate, typically over 99%.

Its administrative fees for the collection of air navigation charges – that is, both route and terminal charges – are competitively low.

EUROCONTROL’s Director General, Frank Brenner, observed: “It is heartening to see the economic decision being taken to reduce costs by making use of a very good service available to them: extending the billing and collection of en route charges to include terminal ones. In addition to AENA, another Air Navigation Service Provider has decided to use the advantageous CRCO service. With this, we see evidence that ANSPs increasingly entrust our Central Route Charges Office with managing a complete package of valuable services on their behalf.”


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