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Flexibility and certainty: a contradiction? Not for ewo. Because if there is one thing that we are absolutely certain about, it’s flexibility. That is the soul and the DNA of our company. From the very beginning onward, what has driven us forward is the search for the simple solution to complex challenges. And that means not thinking within an infinite array of products, but rather within systems.

With this credo, we have consistently continued the development of modular solutions. And with our spectacular ewoPhotometricEngine, the new worlds that have been opened by it have now been made visible. We can hardly wait to explore these worlds along with you.

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ewoPhotometricEngine and the World of Flexibility: A New Era in Light

A paradigm shift in light was to be seen at the light + building tradeshow in Frankfurt in March 2018. In cooperation with Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, ewo had developed the ewoPhotometricEngine with which flexible, continuously variable possibilities for the use of the modular concept can be explored interactively and with the greatest of ease. Because with the new A Series, the third generation of lenses from ewo, all of the light distributions that can be reproduced in the ewoPhotometricEngine can be implemented in ewo’s products. With this, the connection between light distribution and product has been taken to a new level for the very first time. Which is only consistent with ewo’s history: flexibility is in the company’s DNA, and it has been since the very beginning.


MAC Forum, Munich Airport

An all-around lighting system for an all-around architecture: the MAC Forum in the Munich Airport Center embodies precisely flexibility. The ideal opportunity for ewo to completely exhaust the possibilities of the modular lighting system and for finding an astonishingly simple solution to a complex geometric task. Choosing not a fixed configuration, but rather a toolkit for the perfect light distribution. With this modular solution, even the big events that are held here can be staged scenically and colorfully.


La Seine Musicale, Paris

A special project that also turned into something special for ewo. The cultural center in the island in the Seine River southwest of Paris was designed by the Japanese Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban, with great demands on the construction and lighting of the exterior space. The housing of the spotlights was to remain invisible by daylight here, and at night, the light was to unleash its disembodied magic. An unusual desire that both kindled the inventive spirit at ewo and led to a very special solution: a new product was built in without a housing and disappears thanks to design in the façade that was precise down to the millimeter. A new milestone in the series of individual solutions from ewo.



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