ewo floodlights will lead to a reduction of 63 % energy consumption at DXB, one of the busiest airports in the world, delivering 7,000 MWh annual energy savings to service Dubai International Airport’s near 90 million annual passenger journeys.

The project, in association with state-of-the-art pole manufacturer FUCHS Europoles, entered completion in the beginning of 2020, representing an enormous commitment by Dubai DXB airport to ewo’s R-System, a fully modular, hand-constructed floodlight capable of combining multiple distributions within each luminaire.

This is part of the wider modernisation of Dubai International Airport, exchanging old halogen fixtures with ewo’s industry-leading LED floodlights. In addition to substantially improved security from enhanced lighting systems, the new luminaries enhance lux value to 30 lx whilst improving energy efficiency and accuracy of illumination, for the betterment of this major international hub.

Additionally, the floodlights allow up to four lighting panels depending on the position of luminaire and the illumination requirements, allowing minimal glare, specificity of illumination and industry-leading large area lighting power.

ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth: “We have always been confident that the ewo R-System’s power and modularity can surpass its competitors’ performance and we are very pleased that the airport-wide transition to ewo’s R-System is now complete.”

Dubai International Airport: “DXB’s apron and aircraft parking areas across its 12.5km2 airfield are now lit with brighter, more efficient LED lights that will deliver annual energy savings of approximately 7,000 MWh. The switch to energy efficient LED lights is expected to reduce loads from 2,200 KW to just 810 KW, a massive drop of 63% in annual consumption.”