ewo’s iRealm concept wins prestigious Lux Award

ewo is pleased to announce that iRealm, the company’s concept for the future design of public spaces, won a prestigious Lux Award at London’s Intercontinental O2 last week, within the category of Property Technology: Connected Lighting Concept of the Year.

The award-winning iRealm concept involves four layers of lighting design for public spaces:

  • traditional lighting design focusing on lux level, form and function,
  • a connected layer, ensuring uninterrupted wifi internet connectivity through interior routed systems
  • a mesh layer, using Bluetooth low energy mesh to connect IoT nodes and sensors (potentially forming part of a smart city network)
  • a beacon layer enabling app-driven interaction between users on the network from light fittings to mobile devices, delivering limitless of applications like check-ins, timetables, menus, wayfinding, history of space, vouchers, targeted marketing and much more.

ewo’s recognition as a conceptual pioneer in connected lighting, as well as its nomination in the category of Exterior Luminaire of the Year, cements the company’s position as a global player in this immensely competitive sector.

Hannes Wohlgemuth, Director of Sales and Communication at ewo, said:

“We are thrilled to have won an award, as part the wider recognition our work has received from two major category nominations at these prestigious awards.

“Our ongoing research into the field of Smart City technology puts us in a great position to expand and deliver on these fantastic concepts for future projects.”

Lee Purvis, ewo UK and Ireland General Manager and concept leader for iRealm, said:
“It’s great to see iRealm so well received as a concept within the sector, really showing the desire for connectivity in the spaces we use every day.

“With this solid foundation, we hope to start putting a lot of the theory to the test and working to an exciting, efficient, better-connected future for all of our clients investing in public space lighting.”


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