Exclusive Limited Edition Summer Ciroc at Ibiza International Airport

Company Concourse Display Management
Date 13.09.2017

The ‘Limited Edition’ Ciroc Summer display brilliantly captures the spirit of Ibiza’s hedonistic pool parties. With branded party balloons & deck chairs set against a mosaic pool background & enhanced lighting, all we need is P Diddy himself DJing to cap it all off perfectly.

Our designer’s first consideration was to greatly enhance the lighting of the unit, due to the position of the display in store. As it was out of the reach of ceiling & natural lighting, we added carefully focussed spot lighting to highlight the product.

Reuse is always better (and more cost effective) than recycling, so by using TRAM & our reverse logistics programme (we have a very big warehouse!) we were able to locate an existing Ciroc circle display, repair & beautify it; ready for a spell in the Balearic sun.

Our clients gave it the thumbs up too.
“The layout of the Ciroc stand is great and the illumination is very good. We are really happy with the result of the project. Congrats & thank you!​”


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