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Date 13.01.2010

The international market for visualisation solutions has been yearning for displays which are able to produce images of ever higher resolution. Several display manufacturers have reacted on this rising demands and developed monitors providing resolutions far beyond full HD standard. Especially for professional applications which have to rely on every pixel, eyevis developed its EYE-LCD5600QHD. This LCD monitor provides 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (quad HD resolution) on a 56” (143 cm) screen. As one of very few manufacturers, eyevis is not only able to provide LCD monitors fulfilling all expectations towards modern display technology, but also all necessary components and accessories to use the display in a meaningful way. Being a leading manufacturer in the fields of professional large screen systems, we can offer complete systems which create an environment in which the Quad HD monitor can show its full performance. These systems may include either high-end graphic boards for image processing, or even graphics controllers which not only provide perfect image processing, but also input possibilities for any kind of data or video sources. With the EYE-LCD5600QHD it is possible to display four HD sources simultaneously on a single monitor, i.e. No disturbing gaps between the images, no limits concerning scaling and placing of the sources.

Main areas of application for these systems are where images need to be displayed in large format and still have to be sharp when viewed from a shorter distance. The resolution of the display per inch can be compared with that of a standard desktop monitor. Main advantage of the EYE-LCD5600QHD is its huge screen diagonal and thus the resulting display possibilities. For example, it is possible to show various sources in native resolution. These sources can be placed freely on the screen without disturbing gaps between them, as with systems using several conventional monitors. The displayed sources also do not suffer from a loss in quality, which happens when the display in use provides a lower resolution than the source. The eyevis Quad HD monitor guarantees outstanding image properties over the entire active screen area. Thanks to its ultra-short response time it can also be used with fast moving images.

The EYE-LCD5600QHD is available with 2 or 4 DVI inputs. Of course, eyevis provides any accessories for the perfect integration of the display into the customer’s system environment.

About Eyevis
eyevis, the German manufacturer of large screen systems, is one of the leading suppliers and integrators of visualisation systems for professional applications in control rooms, as well as virtual reality and simulation. eyevis has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and certified sales partners. As one of only a few suppliers in its field, eyevis is able to offer complete systems from one source. The complete solutions from eyevis include display solutions, graphics controllers, software applications and all necessary accessories.

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