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Date 01.03.2009

New 64-inch 4k x 2k panel from eyevis offers 4 x HD resolution for special applications.

Reutlingen, March 2009 –With the market introduction of the new 4k x 2k LCD panel and its 64-inch screen diagonal, eyevis presents its second ultra high-resolution display with more than 4 x HD resolution. This high resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels is achieved through a revised and highly compact pixel design. In comparison to a standard HD 65-inch panel, the image density of the new 4k2k display (type EYE-LCD6400-4K) is twice as high at 85 ppi. The 4k x 2k display also proves its value through its excellent image performance: a billion colours with an NTSC value of 84% ensure natural image reproduction, while modern ASV technology provides a viewing angle of 176° in all directions.

The new 64-inch LCD panel is primarily intended for special e-Signage applications. For example: thanks to the extremely high resolution, images from numerous security cameras can be displayed in security control rooms in full resolution in parallel on one screen. The control of complex manufacturing plants can also be presented clearly, thanks to the high resolution. This is also vital in the medical sector for imaging diagnosis. Presentation in 8.8 million pixels allows for exact interpretation of X-rays or CT scans (for example), in the same way as classic films. And in terms of films: the film industry will also profit from the new 4k2k LCD technology in digital post-production. It will enable cutters to view the raw film material in its native resolution, allowing for more precise cutting.

For the display signal supply, eyevis has developed its own EYE-4SYNC board, used in the EYE-LCD6400-4K as an "embedded" version with 4 DVI-D inputs. Previously, special graphics cards were always needed to connect high-resolution displays to PCs. Now such cards are superfluous, thank to the new synchronisation solution from eyevis. The EYE4SYNC board can be used to connect as many PCs as you want directly to the monitor. The EYE-4SYNC system is a frame buffer controller for synchronising multiple DVI sources into one master sync signal. The system can also process image formats that do not match the native resolution of the display. The controller includes automatic recognition of the source standard for this purpose.

eyevis, the German manufacturer of large screen systems, is one of the leading suppliers and integrators of visualisation systems for professional applications in control rooms, as well as virtual reality and simulation. eyevis has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and certified sales partners. As one of only a few suppliers in its field, eyevis is able to offer complete systems from one source. The complete solutions from eyevis include display solutions, graphics controllers, software applications and all necessary accessories.

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