First Business Opportunity with SESAR for Telecommunications companies

Company SESAR programme
Date 12.08.2009


SESAR represents the technological pillar of the Single European Sky (SES) and aims at developing a modernised and high-performance Air Traffic Management (ATM) system which will enable the safe and environmentally friendly development of air transport. A new concept of operation will be the basis of this new ATM system relying on the implementation of new features such as the 4D trajectory management, and integration of aircraft in the ATM system.

Data exchanges will be central in this new concept and will lead to development of innovative solutions integrating and adapting established commercial communication technologies, They will require adapted wireless communication systems which will leading to deployment of fundamentally different solutions from those used in ATM actually used today.

There is a need to develop a new wireless communication infrastructure which will be composed of 3 segments:

– A ‘ground-based segment’ using line of sight connections between aircraft and ground stations and between aircraft. This segment is referred in this document as “Ground-based segment”,

– A ‘satellite-based segment’ which is connecting aircraft and ground system through a satellite resource. This segment is referred in this document as “Space-based segment”, and

– A ‘dedicated airport segment’ based on WiMax standards which is connecting aircraft and ground systems while the aircraft is at the airport. This segment is referred in this document as “airport segment”.

The SESAR Joint Undertaking welcomes proposals from telecommunication specialist companies or telecommunications companies providers with a reputation for successfully driving to delivering innovation solutions should be triggered by in response to this first Business Opportunity to work on the SESAR programme.

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