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Company CONRAC - a DATA MODUL brand
Date 28.01.2010

Even more possible configurations for CONRAC’s Outdoor Displays: Different sizes, different panels, sunlight readable or standard, different electronics, touch or no touch, IP54 or IP65, landscape or portrait format – whatever the application requires – one concept, many different products.

However, there are some features all of CONRAC’s Outdoor Displays have in common: To counteract vandalism, all CONRAC Outdoor Displays feature very rugged aluminium housings with durable powder coating as well as safety glass with impact protection according to IK08 withstanding an impact energy of 5J (EN50102). To protect the displays against tampering, there are no external controls to avoid unauthorised accidental or deliberate interference. Furthermore, theft-deterrent systems are integrated in the front frame of the unit.

A highly innovative new feature, especially for displays installed in large networks is “Display Performance Monitoring” (cDPM). A special sensor integrated in the front bezel continuously monitors the TFT panel’s function (backlight, inverter, power supply and interface). Any malfunction is immediately detected and reported.

A brandnew option is the possibility to use sunlight readable panels for the 42 inch and 47 inch Outdoor Displays. This new generation of industrial displays allows optimal image visualisation in bright ambient light environment.

All Outdoor Displays are protected according to IP54 specification (full protection against contact and interior injurious dust deposits as well as against splashed water from all directions). If required, the 42 inch and 47 inch displays can also be delivered with IP65 protection (total protection against contact, dust penetration and water projected in jets from any direction).

Depending on the application, the displays can be supplied as monitor-only version or as fully integrated solution equipped with an internal controller or IPC. The display’s intelligence, no matter whether for the monitor-only-, controller- or IPC-version, is integrated in the so-called eBOX, which according to the modular construction, is identical for all versions. Saving time and money is the idea behind the new “eBOX” concept: Exchange of the eBOX is reduced to disconnecting/connecting a few cables and opening/closing two screws.

Another very maintenance-oriented feature is an elaborate concept allowing the exchange of filters in the IP54 version without even having to open the housing.


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