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Company CONRAC - a DATA MODUL brand
Date 28.01.2010

A pioneering new feature has been added to CONRAC’s Narrow Bezel Displays. Essential especially for displays installed in large networks is “Display Performance Monitoring” (cDPM).

Despite the almost frameless design a special sensor has been integrated in the front bezel. This sensor continuously monitors the TFT panel’s function (backlight, inverter, power supply and interface). Any malfunction is immediately detected and reported giving total control over all screens connected.

The latest generation of flat screens for digital signage is mainly characterised by the thin bezel design. A bezel width of less than 15mm, the high resolution and excellent image quality makes the Narrow Bezel series the ideal displays for cluster solutions. An application long waited for can now be realised: large display-walls using large flatscreens with near to no disturbing frame in between.

For applications involving direct sunlight special sunlight readable panels are available. This new generation of industrial displays allows optimal image visualisation in bright ambient light environment.

The application range of the Sunlight Readable Displays is numerous: Indoor applications in very bright ambience such as airport terminals, cultural facilities like museums, theatres, cinemas, governmental, municipal and other public buildings, but also shop windows, kiosks or any other point-of-sale or point-of-information installation.

Depending on the application, the displays can be supplied as monitor-only version or as fully integrated solution equipped with an internal controller or IPC.

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