The FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper

Company The FOD Control Corporation
Date 21.02.2018

The FOD Control Corporation ( has completed design upgrades to its popular friction mat system, the FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper.

The formerly polypropylene mats are now constructed of a more durable nylon fiber, improving the sweeper’s smooth glide over punishing runway and ramp conditions. A new built-in “hitch and forget” weight-release mechanism prevents overloading of debris during sweeping operations. The streamlined hitch assembly offers easy set-up and improves portability.

Pricing remains the same and, with the company’s recently expanded production facilities, lead and delivery times for orders are expected to shorten dramatically.

The FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper is manufactured in the USA and deployed to civilian and military airfields worldwide. The FOD Control Corporation is a division of Hughes Ventures, Inc. DUNS number is 078667096. Please direct inquiries to

A pair of cams will automatically release overloaded mat from tow vehicle. To disable release function, insert pin into cams.


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