FRANKD In Action - Rapid Onsite Testing to Combat COVID-19 Within Aviation

Company GeneMe UK
Date 26.10.2020

These are recent examples of FRANKD in action:

Heathrow Airport
FRANKD is one of three tests currently trialling at Heathrow Airport. The trial was designed to help Heathrow better understand how to deliver scalable, rapid point of care testing of employees & passengers. Heathrow CEO argues “Testing is the lifeline that the UK’s aviation sector needs to get back on its feet.”

Virgin Atlantic Crew Testing
FRANKD is testing Virgin Atlantic flight crews at LHR They are the first UK airline to introduce pre-flight Covid-19 to provide high levels of accuracy and confidence for our people and customers. This is the first step in our phased plan to introduce regular testing for all their teams in the air and on the ground, instilling confidence in flying.

‘Sleepless in Seattle’ & West End Theatres
FRANKD enabled the world premiere of “Sleepless,” a stage musical adaptation of an Oscar and BAFTA-nominated original screenplay. Daily testing for cast, musicians, crew and theatre staff during rehearsals and the show’s run. We are now creating a test hub in on the West End to support other theatre productions.

We are also:

  • Securing UK production with a major manufacturing partner
  • Working with other sector stakeholders to persuade the government to recognise testing in creating ‘Safer Spaces’
  • Progressing with DHSC for NHS & Gov procurement
  • In logistical discussions with UK retailers about setting up swabbing and testing on the high street
  • Working on new processing methods to increase throughputs

Background Of FRANKD and GeneMe

  • GeneMe licences the patent enabling the FRANKD test from IBMM
  • The Patent no P.426093, valid from 27 June 2018 is held by the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (IBMM).
  • The Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) is an  independent, elite, biomedical research institution based in Gdansk partly funded by the European Union and Polish Government. IBMM’s activities are focused on conducting innovative implementation projects.
  • IBMM has developed a cooperation network with numerous domestic  and foreign institutions and is actively raising financing for ongoing  projects. The thematic scope of IBMM activities includes, among  others biotechnology, medicine, diagnostics, molecular biology and  material engineering.


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