Frequency Converters for Airport Applications

Company FCX Systems Inc
Date 03.05.2013

FCX Systems, Inc. is continuing to expand across the globe by opening a new satellite office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as of March 1, 2013.

The company teamed up with MacLog Solutions under the leadership of Mr. Marcelo Corrệa for representation in Brazil.

“FCX is excited to cement a presence in an emerging marketplace like Brazil. MacLog is a proven entity and we look forward to a prosperous,  long-term relationship with them and the infrastructure development within Brazil and South America,” said Dr. Zenovy Wowczuk, executive director for strategic and international initiatives.

FCX is also currently in the midst of finalizing partnership with a systems integrator in Brazil.

"We are very pleased to have engaged such a great partner in MacLog to expand our business in Brazil as well as other countries across South America.  With the world's eyes focused on Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, it is a perfect time and fit for FCX to expand," said Craig Walker, president and CEO of FCX.

For over 26 years, FCX has been synonymous with quality & satisfaction in the solid state frequency converter market. Our products, installed in over 75 countries, function exceptionally well in military, commercial, industrial & ship shore applications. From one of the largest converters ever built for a shipyard facility (2MVA) to the 270VDC converters built for F-35 aircraft support, we exceed the expectations of our customers. Outstanding engineering & know-how remains the constant at FCX.


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