G&D's autumn highlights once again tour the USA

Company Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
Date 04.10.2017

Main topic: Smart solutions and their seamless integration into the world of broadcast

This fall, G&D North America Inc. will again tour the USA. G&D will present their latest innovations from the world of KVM at three broadcast and AV events. As a meeting place for all broadcast and AV professionals, the KVM experts will be exhibiting their equipment at NAB New York (October 18-19, 2017), SMPTE (October 23-26, 2017) in Hollywood and AVxpo (October 25-26, 2017) in Denver, CO. Whether on the east or west coast or right in the heart of the US – a visit to the G&D booth is always worth your time.

Here, G&D will present many small and big innovations. Everything will revolve around pixel-perfect video quality and the extension of uncompressed 4K and 8K resolutions, switching 4K resolutions through matrix systems and, last but not least, the seamless integration of KVM technology into the broadcast world, e.g. with new solutions such as the broadcast feature for tally lights.

Broadcast feature for tally lights facilitates the work of producers

At their booth, G&D will also present the new GPIO function. In studios or OB vans, G&D matrix systems allow multiple users to simultaneously access the same or completely different computers. But what if this computer is “live” on the air and a producer makes unwanted changes to this particular system? The new GPIO function helps you transmit relevant tally light information to remote workplaces and highlights the active “on-air” system by using a connected “ON AIR” light. This way, you can avoid making any unwanted changes to a live computer. The new GPIO-Changer is a device that helps you install and handle the GPIO function. This means that tally switching status can be transmitted from the computer via the KVM matrix and the information can be made available to the user on the console. Now producers are always informed whenever a computer is live on the air.

Extending uncompressed 8K signals at 60 Hz (Super Hi-Vision)

Other central topics at all three of G&D’s US events will be KVM solutions for the extension of high-resolution 4K and 8K video signals and the switching of 4K video resolutions through matrix systems – pixel-perfect, latency-free and fail-safe. One of these next generation solutions is the KVM extender DP1.2-VisionXG – the world’s first and only extender for 8K resolutions (4 x 4K) that can transmit even Super Hi-Vision at a full refresh rate of 60 Hz: uncompressed, latency- and loss-free over distances of up to 10 km.

Using matrix systems to switch 4K resolutions

Another highlight at the G&D booth will be the demonstration of the new DP1.2-Vision extender system, which is fully compatible with G&D’s digital matrix switches and allows the extension, switching and distribution of 4K video through these matrix systems. The KVM extender system provides pixel-perfect images and uses the in-house HDIP compression technology in the latest development stage, Level 3. This compression mode allows the lossfree transmission of video signals with a resolution of 4K at 60Hz. Thus, the systems require less bandwidth to transmit signals, but still provide crystal-clear images and latency-free operation. Following G&D’s principle of mix & match, the DP1.2-Vision is fully compatible with already installed G&D devices. This means that existing infrastructures can be quickly and easily combined with new systems.

Unlimited access with KVM-over-IP™

The DP-Vision-IP also represents a significant expansion of the product portfolio, allowing flexible computer access over IP structures and resolving the transmission limits that previously existed with dedicated cabling. Thus, users can use IP structures to access the connected computers. The DisplayPort™ KVM extender system DP-Vision-IP processes DisplayPort 1.1a image data. Transmission is pixel perfect, with low latency and ideal hand-eye coordination. DP-Vision-IP supports DisplayPort video resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz or 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz. The signals are transmitted in compressed form using CAT cabling over IP-based networks on layer 3 – even across network boundaries. The video, keyboard, mouse and control data are encrypted with AES-128.

With their user-friendly functionalities and other new products, G&D are responding to the trends of the broadcast industry. Seamless integration as the key to the broadcast world – G&D has been working closely with the industry for more than 30 years. This is how practical solutions are created. In October 2017, interested trade fair visitors will find these and other high-performance products for broadcast professionals at the G&D booths at NAB New York, SMPTE and Avapro.


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