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Company Menzies Aviation
Date 26.11.2010

We are pleased to inform you about our recent wins and renewals.

Germanwings awarded de-icing contract in Stockholm:

Germanwings has awarded us the de-icing contract commencing from winter 2011 at our Stockholm station. This is a great win by our team and adds value for Germanwings as a customer as Menzies is now a  multiple service provider. In addition to this, Germanwings have agreed to extend our Ground Handling contract until May 2013.

MOL Logistics within our Cargo facilities in Amsterdam:

Menzies welcomes MOL logistics at Amsterdam airport
Menzies Aviation is providing full cargo handling, warehousing services and office space for MOL logistics at Amsterdam airport for a period of 3 years.

This win is a new step for our Amsterdam business and quite exceptional; MOL Logistics is a freight forwarding company which has decided to put their full handling into our operation. This new, innovative approach allows Menzies to shorten their supply chain, generating efficiencies for their business.

Malev Hungarian Airlines awarded us the lounge contract in Amsterdam:

Menzies win lounge contract for Malev Hungarian Airlines at Amsterdam.

We are proud to announce that we have become the lounge provider for Malev Hungarian Airlines for a period of 3 years. On the 1st of November we received Malev’s first passengers in our lounge, further extending our lounge business.

Menzies welcomes National Air Cargo at Amsterdam:
The Menzies Cargo team is delighted to announce that we have agreed a contract with National Air Cargo to provide ramp handling, cargo handling and office space at Amsterdam airport for a 3 year period.
National Air Cargo is an airline and a freight forwarding company and by renting offices to them in our building we have managed it to integrate their supply chain into our operation. We see this as a major step forward as MWC is a leading player in the development of airline cargo business due to their innovative approach.

Menzies welcomes Qatar Airways at Otopeni:
The Menzies team in Bucharest Otopeni is very proud to announce that they have won the tender for Qatar Airways Ground Handling. From January 2011 we will handle 4 flights per week, operated by an Airbus 320 from Doha, Qatar.

By developing an innovative check-in approach, we established ourselves as the best option for Qatar Airways during the Tender process. The team is currently preparing the startup for a ‘five-star’ service.

Menzies welcomes Diners Club in our Gothenburg Lounge:

Together with our customer Airport Angel, we have managed to win the Diners Club Lounge contract for Gothenburg Airport. It is a significant win and shows the development of our relationship with this customer in Continental Europe.

Diners Club will make use of our Gothenburg Lounge for a period of 3 years and we are working together on increasing passenger volumes. The contract started on the 16th of November and after opening the online registration, we were able to welcome the first Diners Club lounge visitor within an hour!

Menzies welcomes SmartWings at Amsterdam:
The Menzies Aviation Ground Services team has been awarded a new contract by Smartwings which commenced on the 21st of November.

Smartwings is part of Travel Service in the Czech Republic. They have started a new route between Amsterdam and Prague with 7 flights per week operated by a Boeing 737. During the summer they expect to increase their number of flights up to 14.

In addition, Travel Service will make use of our services in Amsterdam when they operate charter flights to Amsterdam. This contract win was made possible by very close teamwork between our Prague and Amsterdam stations.

Menzies renews KL/AF contract in Sweden:
Menzies Aviation Sweden is very proud to announce a contract extension with KLM, KLM Cityhopper, Air France (and subsidiaries) at Stockholm and Gothenburg for a period of 4 years.

By sharing very detailed information between both parties, we have been able to change some of the passenger services needed to get this extension agreed.

The Airfrance / KLM group is operating more than 52 flights per week at Stockholm and 48 flights per week in Gothenburg. It is a great achievement as a high service level is the key and our teams are making this happen. Our team in Gothenburg is one of the best AF/KL teams in the world, based on kiosk check-in.
Therefore, we congratulate our team in Sweden for the outstanding service and dedication. We all wish them success with the continuation of our relationship with this major customer.

Menzies renews Viking Hellas Airlines S.A. contract in Sweden:
Viking Hellas Airlines S.A., a partner of Viking Airlines AB, has confirmed to our Swedish team that they will continue the former Viking AB operation at Stockholm and Gothenburg and award us the contract renewal. This contract will run for a period of 3 years.

Currently they are flying 7 flights per week from Stockholm and 1 flight per week from Gothenburg, operated by Airbus 320’s, to several destinations including Iraq.


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