Go green with the first professional electric airless line striper

Date 05.05.2017

No exhaust fumes, no noise and no vibrations. These are important aspects when striping in airport applications; indoors or outdoors. It’s for precisely these kinds of jobs that the LineLazer® ES 1000 has been developed.

Graco’s LineLazer® ES 1000 battery-powered airless line striper is the silent and fume-free solution for every striping application

Clean, quiet and powerful

Graco’s LineLazer® ES 1000 is the industry’s first professional battery-powered airless line striper that delivers power and performance without engine exhaust or noise. It is a true technology breakthrough for Airport Maintenance Teams and Airport Striping Contractors who want to expand their activities to indoor, limited noise or populated-area applications with a quiet, clean alternative power source without sacrificing performance. Ideal for indoor and outdoor airport applications, the LineLazer ES 1000 replaces high-cost manual taping and paint marking methods.

The LineLazer ES 1000 is powered by a 12V, 100 AH, Deep-Cycle AGM Battery, and is an exhaust-free unit that runs quietly and delivers top quality lines. Recharging capabilities are built into the unit and at the same time allow operation directly off 230V when plugged in. It provides high-output electric battery power that eliminates gas costs, exhaust, noise and vibration while delivering crisp lines. No engine noise means that jobs can be completed any time of the day or night. No engine vibration ensures perfect lines on all surfaces and reduces user fatigue. No engine fumes enables striping to be carried out indoors without production shut downs or disruptions.

Stripe up to 60 gallons per charge

The maintenance-free sealed battery design is sufficient to stripe up to 20 gallons per charge. Adding a second battery connected in parallel increases the capacity, reduces voltage drop while under load, and more than doubles the run time. What’s more, charging couldn’t be easier. Simply plug in the on-board 12V charger; there’s no need for time-wasting battery removal. For stationary applications, just plug the ES 1000 into a convenient 230V wall socket and you have infinite striping time.

Innovations improve performance

The LineLazer ES 1000 features a new innovative spray gun adjustment design with “G” Clamp holder system and the proven performance of the 495 PC Pro Pump, Motor and Drive system. It features three technologies that result in quick and easy use and years of uninterrupted performance:

  • SmartControl 2.5 is an advanced pressure control system that delivers a consistent spray fan, resulting in unmatched line quality.
  • The new ProConnect System is an industry-first for walk-behind stripers. It allows quick on-the-job pump replacement in seconds.
  • The FastFlush high flow cleaning system runs faster and dramatically reduces cleaning time or time when switching colors.

Finally, the ES 1000 features the exclusive LineLazer Cart – the industry’s best balanced chassis – for all-day striping comfort.

Ask for advice

For more details on Graco’s LineLazer ES 1000 battery-powered airless line striper, contact Peter Thomassen at peter.thomassen@graco.com or visit the LineLazer ES 1000 product website.


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