Go Wireless. Enable your pushback, wing walking and de-icing teams to communicate far more effectively.

Company dBD Communications
Date 03.02.2023

If your responsibilities include safely improving pushback and aircraft maintenance turnaround times, come and visit us at the 14th Asian GHI Conference that is running from 21st to 23rd February – just four weeks away!
We’re inviting you to see for yourself how our systems could help you:

• Reduce the risk of aircraft collision/damage
• Improve pre-flight and pushback turnaround times
• Improve ground handling team safety
• Improve pushback-to-cockpit communication link and range

On 21st February (day 1) we will be demonstrating how our wireless pushback solutions remove all these problems by:

• Giving your pushback operatives far more freedom to move around the aircraft without losing communication with the cockpit (a standard range of up to 150m)
• Taking away the safety risks of wires (trips and lightning)
• Stopping wire replacements altogether with a completely wireless system

Pushback + Wing Walkers – a new way to communicate

Give your pushback and wing walker teams the freedom to communicate wirelessly with one another around an aircraft.
Our pushback wireless solutions can be designed so that your main pushback dispatcher has two communication paths. They can talk directly to the cockpit on one link and all the wing walkers and ground handlers on another (through the same headset).
Crucially, all your wing walkers and pushback operatives can listen and talk to one another at the same time (in a communication loop) as they work together to ready the aircraft.

Join us for discussion panel on why it’s good to talk

In our homes and everyday lives, we’re never more than a click away from instantly communicating with friends and family. So, why on so many aprons does the aviation industry rely on dated communications systems when wireless and other platforms could make a big difference?

Listen to what our MD, David O’Connell and other leading panelists have to say on the subject on 21st February (15:30 pm – 16:30 pm).

NEW De-Icing Pad solution

Making its first appearance at the Asian GHI Conference is our de-icing pad communications solution. The solution enables all de-icers and de-icing vehicle drivers to communicate wirelessly with one another around an aircraft, with a range of up to 150m (or 300m when extended with additional antennas).

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