Good-bye to traditional thinking Hello to more value for money

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The new Intelligent Power Management from ITW GSE offers more value for money, in case of upgrade of existing stand layouts and in case of new terminal constructions as well.

The new Intelligent Power Management feature is a smart solution for airports wanting to grow their capacity at an aircraft parking position without investing in more infrastructure or for airports planning a new terminal or a new stand. With Intelligent Power Management airports can exploit the available power in an intelligent way. It reduces the complexity and leads to less expensive installations, in case
of a new terminal.

Traditionally, GSE like 400 Hz Power units, cable retrievers, PCA units or other equipment at the aircraft parking position are all supplied from a distribution board. There is no monitoring nor sharing of the installed power at all.

The grey example shows a Code E gate with one PCA and two Power Coils. The equipment is connected to 3 distribution panels via each their long cable.

With the launch of their Intelligent Power Management system, ITW GSE says good-bye to traditional thinking. The intelligent ITW GSE 3400 PCA is key player in the shift! The PCA monitors all connected equipment and ensures that the aircraft requirements does never exceed  the installed power capacity at the gate. Should the GPUs, that are the most critical connections during flight preparations, require maximum power for a short period of time, the PCA smoothly adjusts its own consumption to stay below the pre-set limit of the total system.

The blue example shows the Code E gate, however with Intelligent Power Management applied. A simpler installation, less cables and only one distribution board taking up space in the technical room


Many airports around the world are at their power capacity limits. For those, the advantages of going from the traditional to the innovative IPM solution are obvious. The IPM solution enables them to add another GPU, one more PCA or other equipment without heavy investments. Also in case of new terminal constructions, the advantages of the Intelligent Power Management are at sight. In both cases, it’s all about more value for money.

The Intelligent 3400 PCA manages and shares the installed power without compromising the power nor the fresh air requirements of the aircraft. The airport gets a simpler installation that is easier to maintain and takes up less space. This is much in line with ITW GSE’s philosophy of doing things as simple as possible to increase liability.

The ITW GSE 3400 PCA
– smart from the start  

More than 10 years ago, ITW GSE introduced their PCA. Right from the start, a smart an intelligent product incorporating great features beside the main purpose: that of supplying fresh air into parked aircraft. Due to the variable frequency drive technology, the PCA provides step less and smooth regulation of the discharge temperature.  This means that the intelligent PCA delivers exactly the amount of cold air required and not more. Therefore, it uses much less energy than other PCAs that are designed for peak load conditions which may only happen a few days per year.

Over the years, ITW GSE have designed and commissioned many airport projects including PCAs and 400 Hz equipment. Those installations have made it very clear that most electrical installations hide large, free power potentials, because they are designed to cover the power needs in a worst case scenario and not just to cater for the actual power consumption. The surplus may be rather considerable. We are talking about 30 to 50%. Airports are always looking for extra power, so why not exploit these resources in a better way, the engineers at ITW GSE thought?  And they designed the new IPM feature to their PCA that can benefit a lot of customers, says VP Sales & Marketing Poul Elvstrøm.

ITW GSE is committed to supplying the aviation industry with the cleanest, most reliable and cost-efficient GSE systems available. The new IPM solutions is definitely proof of concept and a demonstration of the company’s capacity.


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