Green Furniture Concept on the Ascent

Company Green Furniture Concept
Date 16.09.2020

Leave it to Green Furniture Concept to launch the most memorable modular beam seating since the Wright Brothers! Named for the sense of flight it evokes, the new Ascent Series from Green Furniture Concept is gently curved and a triumph of three-dimensional design.

Ascent is unique, placemaking, configurable and truly seamless. Architects are sure to recognise and celebrate the possibilities. With Ascent, the limitations of straight-backed, straight-angled gate seaters are no more. Ascent can be configured to fit the structure of the building, and guide people flow to gates and retail zones. Not only does Ascent create 30-40% more space than conventional seating systems, it offers first-class comfort and experience to all.

As always, sustainability is a prime concern. Along with wood from certified sources, Ascent is made of post-consumer low-carbon aluminium from Hydro (the highest recycled content on the market and first-time-ever used in furniture!), recycled post-consumer steel and ocean-based recycled plastic from Plastix. Ascent was designed for the circular economy – as you would expect from Green Furniture Concept.

CEO Jonathan Nilsson:
“Like all our furniture, Ascent is space-saving, durable, easy to maintain and designed for passenger satisfaction. We have been thinking about how to evolve gate areas beyond the beam-seater area for a long time. Ascent is the result, and we are delighted to be presenting it for the very first time digitally and at our showroom in Malmö. Rather than launching at a large expo, we felt a smaller event was the only responsible choice, in the light of concerns about the coronavirus.”

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