Ground to Air Communication Radios

Company Jotron AS
Date 17.11.2015

Jotron AS is a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety. The company supplies technology to Aquila, who last year signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence. Aquila is in charge of the total delivery to the UK Ministry’s Marshall Program which will modernize the control of the UK aviation. Jotron supplies the program’s radio equipment and recorders.

Jotron has signed a new contract with Aquila. The contract includes future support, maintenance and upgrades of Jotron technology on military installations in the UK, as well as on several of the British Overseas Territories. The duration of the contract is 22 years and it is valued to 250 MNOK.

Jotron supplies technology advanced products that are part of complex aviation systems. The systems must be functionally operational at all times. Due to the complex technology of such a system and the long lifespan of the contract, this equipment will require upgrades throughout the years.

"This contract is very important for Jotron, this will require us to have continuous focus on our product development and support, and ensure we recruit new employees to meet our future needs," says Øystein Helgesen, Jotron Director of After Sales Support. "We look forward to embarking this program with Aquila."

Øystein Helgesen,  Director and Thore Falch-Jakobsen, Support Engineer at Jotron After Sales Support Department.


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