Hannover Airport relies on PSI Logistics control software

Company PSI Logistics GmbH
Date 17.05.2017
PSI baggage handling system ensures that the baggage flow in airports is optimised and integrates the related systems.

PSI baggage handling system ensures that the baggage flow in airports is optimised and integrates the related systems.

Control system runs automatic baggage handling processes

With the implementation of the PSIairport/BHS baggage handling system and the PSIairport/BRS baggage reconciliation system in their current releases 3.0, Hannover Airport has unified their entire IT infrastructure for the automatic baggage handling with the latest PSI Logistics GmbH software systems.

Hannover Airport handles the baggage for 5.5 million passengers per year. The conveyor systems traverse several kilometres of the airport building. The control and monitoring of the high-performance conveyor and sorting systems as well as the targeted delivery of the baggage is handled by PSIairport/BHS, which acts as the control system in Hannover.

On the basis of flight plans, handling systems and the loading schedule, PSI software automatically directs the luggage to the proper destination and presents this on the display modules in a new multisite control centre. The dispatchers can determine at a glance when what piece of luggage is on what conveyor system. Drag & drop functions for diagrams optimise the visualisation, thus avoiding repeated data entry and buffering.

In addition, the video recordings for monitoring the sorting and transportation technology are included in the system control. They also provide an image tracking of the baggage. The process control with PSIairport/BHS therefore also covers the entire handling of the luggage, from check-in to the loading on the apron of the individual airlines and the approximately 53,000 departures per year.

PSIairport/BRS guarantees an automatic comparison of the required baggage and passenger data and an optimal integration of the results of the x-ray inspections. The PSI system supports equally well the security aspects of a seamless monitoring of the baggage handling as well as the subsequent IT-supported processes. To that end, PSIairport/BRS applies optimisation strategies that promote the least amount of operative baggage handling for the transfer of luggage at transfer airports.

The PSI systems are designed for migration processes for 24-hour operations, including a fallback strategy that is generated with the PSI Logistics “Connection Suite”. This allows for the risk-free replacement of an old system for baggage reconciliation without shutting down the system. Furthermore, the upgrading and releasing of the PSI system guarantees a long-term investment security. Hannover Airport has been using the PSIairport/BHS for the IT of their automated baggage handling for almost 20 years. With the upgrade to PSIairport/BHS 3.0, the airport’s individual system configurations remain intact while the new modules and functional scope provide the airport additional potential for optimisation. The new, uniform IT infrastructure for baggage transportation, sorting and process control is planned to commence operations by the end of the year.

For the control of their complex, dynamic baggage transportation and sorting systems, as well as for the inspection and monitoring, almost all of Germany’s international passenger airports and those of neighbouring European countries count on PSI systems. With its multiple components for control and optimisation of the baggage sorting, airport software is considered to be one of the most comprehensive standard systems for airport applications.

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