Fuel-Cell is the latest breakthrough for MULAG Green Drive Technology

Company MULAG Fahrzeugwerk
Date 07.02.2013

The MULAG GSE product range offers a wide choice of innovative green technology drive concepts that are perfect for different uses and applications and provide just the edge of technical advantage that is needed – thus customers are guaranteed to get a perfect equipment configuration for their special purposes.

Low-emission and zero-emission drive concepts play an increasing role for the customer’s decision-making process, due to environmental and business efficiency considerations. This is where decades of experience with Ground Support Equipment and innovative engineering at MULAG come into play with a large choice of different alternative drive concepts: Electro, Hybrid, CNG/LPG and the latest innovation: Fuel Cell.

The Comet 3 FC (Fuel Cell) is a versatile towing tractor for ground support applications in the field of baggage transportation or light cargo. It has a dead weight of about 3000 kg and approximately 20 kN (2000 kg) drawbar pull. Due to its small turning angle it is possible to use it easily in cramped confines like baggage sorting areas, hangars etc. with every advantage of an sophisticated zero CO2 emission drive concept.

The drive is based on an innovative fuel cell concept with a LT-PEM fuel cell hybrid system at the core. Due to its zero CO2 emission characteristics it is possible to use it in areas with low emission regulations like hangars etc. as well as having the advantage of an extended range compared to similar electrical vehicles. It is possible to refuel it within 3-4 minutes making it easy to sustain long working cycles.

Fuel cell driven vehicles are a promising option to reduce overall airport emissions and make GSE  environmentally sustainable – MULAG provides the latest technology to make it easy for its customers to choose the best.

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