How to safely load and unload your trailer

Company Moveco Systems S.r.l.
Date 03.05.2023

Loading and unloading a trailer can be a dangerous operation and you should always think about the best way to load the goods onto them.

Heavy loads, if not controlled properly, can cause injury or even death.

In this article we look at the potential hazards present during loading and unloading operations, and see how we can overcome them.

What are the hazards that can cause accidents?

The following are the most common factors causing accidents:

  • load handling: it is in general a dangerous operation (especially if the load is heavy), because it can involve the risk of crushing.
  • slipping: a risk often underestimated and minimized. Instead, it is a very serious danger. Especially if the trailer floor is wet or frozen.
  • hostile weather and environmental conditions: poor lighting, frost and wet conditions can compromise work and become a serious hazard.
  • electrical components and cables not adequately fixed and protected: loose or damaged clamps and loose cables could cause tripping while working
  • poor packaging of the goods (e.g. for fragile objects) could cause damage not only to the product to be transported, but also to workers
  • poor fastening of the goods or stacking the units incorrectly makes the whole load unstable, which risks collapsing during the transit of the vehicle or when the workers perform the unloading operation

In addition to these there are others, a little less evident perhaps, but no less dangerous.

  • poor communication between workers can create danger
  • a lack of teamwork and poor coordination as well as slowing down the work can be the cause of many accidents
  • not receiving instructions from your manager or not having a procedure to follow is a very serious problem, which is too often ignored, and can be a source of risk
  • lack of experience: not being familiar with the workflow and handling tools, or using the wrong equipment for the operation being performed
  • distractions while working


What can we do to eliminate or at least reduce these hazards?

What will make the difference is the approach you will use to do the job.

A careful analysis is the best way to start

  1. Make a plan before starting

Determine in advance how you will load the trailer, what tools you will use, in which order you will load the goods and how you will secure them. Improvisation is not a good plan.

  1. Make a good distribution of the load

Even load distribution is essential to ensure safe transportation. If the load is concentrated on only one side of the trailer the driving will become unstable and you will increase the risk of an accident. Do not exceed the maximum weight allowed for trailer transport.

Finally, make sure you keep your center of gravity low. Place heavier items on the floor of the vehicle and lighter items on top of them. In the event of skidding, a low center of gravity will prevent the vehicle from overturning.

  1. Secure the load correctly

Use straps, chains and tensioning devices. For open flatbed trailers, tarpaulins are often also used which, in addition to securing the load, protect it from the elements.

Use our solutions to increase your safety

You can load and unload your goods securely if you choose to use one of our solutions.

Rollertrack system

It is a complete set up of pneumatically lifted roller conveyors that are perfectly integrated into the floor of your trailer. Your vehicle is completely transformed and prepared for the transport of air pallets and ULD containers.

Removable Rollertrack system

A smart set-up that allows you to transform your trailer into a vehicle suitable for handling air pallets and ULD containers independently. You can install this equipment yourself and also disassemble it to move it to another vehicle.

Powered rollers

A useful upgrade for the Rollertrack system that allows you to move overhead pallets automatically, without manual operator intervention. Thanks to the motorized rollers you can easily move even the heaviest loads.

Rollerkit system

The best set-up of your vehicle for the transport of europallets and the best solution for the shuttle of the goods from the factory to the warehouse.

All of our trailer solutions can be integrated with ground systems.

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