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Company Human Recognition Systems
Date 29.06.2016

But it’s not just the quantity of transactions that are a cause for celebration, the quality of service our customers have received from the system is evident in the valuable feedback they’ve sent to us, with a whopping 95% of users saying they would recommend MTrust.

Here are just some of the great things people using the system in the aviation industry have been saying:

“I’m very pleased with MTrust, it stands up as a reliable airport pass application manager. I feel that a proper requirements analysis has been implemented and it shows, it is a refreshing upgrade to our previous system and far superior to anything I have used as a signatory at other airports.” Andy Mills, MTrust user at Acketts ATM Installers.

MTrust-FeedbackMore praise came from an MTrust user at British Airways Engineering: “MTrust is a much better system than the old paperwork way, we now have the ability to rectify an application whilst the person is at the ID unit.”

And Maria Mayhew, Customer Sevice Team Leader at Gatwick Airport said: “I’ve found the MTrust system to be of great benefit to our airport stakeholders and their operations.

“This was recently proven when the scanners in the ID Centre had to briefly revert back to the original paper format (as part of a planned operation). Our Authorised Signatories ended up having to do the long walk back to the offices to enter their forms from there, or submit them via their smartphones, rather than being able to enter them into MTrust the usual way.

“This example shows just how much this technology has changed the process for our airport stakeholders and made the process work better for companies who are based in remote areas of the airport.”

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