Hummel GmbH u. Co. KG News - August 21, 2009

Company Hummel GmbH u. Co. KG
Date 21.08.2009

In line with IATA´s program “Simplifying the Business”, the forms used in airports need to be changed. Boarding Passes and Wallets are complemented by 2D Barcodes and Common Use Self Service Terminals (CUSS).

Printing companies like Hummel GmbH u. Co. KG have to react flexible to these developments, and invest in alternative production means. Hummel was among the first to engage and prepare themselves for the new demands of its customers. 

In the past year, more and more customers have started the usage of 2D Barcodes. IATA strongly encourages passenger operators to include 2D Barcode in their operational workflow. Due to the increased data volume, encoded in a 2D bar code, compared with the magnetic tape, the higher flexibility and greater speed of operation, cost savings and a higher data security can be achieved. To ensure that, of course, it is essential to guarantee a perfect readability and resistance of the 2D barcode. Hereby, the quality of the thermal paper is most important. Thermal paper of low quality may lead to the contrast between 2D Barcode and paper-white being insufficient. Unprotected thermal papers may react with alcohol, oil, plasticizisers or upon extended contact with water. High quality top-coated thermal papers prevent these effects. In addition, top-coated thermal papers increase the lifetime of the thermal printing heads and thus reduce maintenance costs.

Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Terminals are implemented worldwide, thus also modifying the requirements on the printing products. CUSS terminals accelerate the check-in process and reduce the waiting time of passengers. Next to traditional boarding passes and wallets, boarding passes on roll are used more and more in CUSS Terminals. The boarding pass rolls exist in many different formats and functions, so it is important to find the correct design for each individual solution. Lengthwise, crosswise, black mark, round corners, sensor hole, perforations, passenger part perforation, core diameter, outer dimension of the roll, paper quality, paper weight and thickness … it is of special importance to clarify these points with a competent supplier beforehand. Otherwise, a suboptimal design of the boarding pass rolls may cause downtimes of the CUSS Terminals due to paperjam. This eliminates the advantage of CUSS Terminals regarding an accelerated passenger check-in.

Thanks to their vast experience in the sector, Hummel can give you individual advice for your application and optimise your documents accordingly.




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