A-ICE Freight Load Control

Company A-ICE
Date 23.10.2017

A-ICE has launched its freight load control application. The new system is an integral part of A-DCS goods loading procedures for the Cargo/Mail Carriers and their Ground Handlers.

A-ICE Sales Director, Claudio Ferrari, said: “For A-ICE, automation and technology is a highly strategic enabler for our business.”He added: “In addition to the numerous benefits our weight and balance system solution will simplify the conventional manual process by reducing the time required to set-up the load-sheet prior to flight departure.”The freight load control application contributes to a better utilisation of cargo volume and weight capacity of aircraft and it is able to provide support on oversized and special product shipments, thus providing our customers with more cargo space, greater efficiency and quality.Claudio Ferrari continued: “The system reduces time for load planning and weight check processes, allowing the cargo carrier to manage operational and flight turnarounds as well as maintaining its excellent existing levels of on-time performance.”
“Supported by accurate data from the system, the cargo carrier is now able to optimise payload and minimise the lateral imbalance of each aircraft, resulting in a significant reduction of fuel consumption.”

A-ICE Freight Load Control is currently certified to handle more than 100 Airline’s Fleets.

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