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Company IER
Date 26.01.2018

IER, your expert partner in Solution Design

Whether partnering with Airports or Airlines, IER is committed to create and deliver memorable customer experiences. Thanks to its technical and technological proficiency in airport terminal equipment, IER has gained a deep understanding of the ever-changing demands of the passenger and is focusing on transforming innovative technology into intelligent solutions that will create amazing journeys. When working with IER, you can rely on the most experienced and qualified team to help you design, develop, test and launch a unique solution for your specific environment with stunning functionalities and features.

AIRPORT – San Francisco International Airport

IER has been providing CUSS kiosks in SFO’s International Terminal since 2007. IER recently installed 84 new CUSS kiosk positions, grouped in desks with a very unique design. The new CUSS units are entirely customized in design to match the terminal’s distinctive architecture… Read more

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