IER Airports & Airlines News - June 2018

Company EASIER
Date 28.06.2018

ALISS, a check-in application that seriously speeds up the airport journey

Thanks to ALISS common use self-service application, any kiosk at the airport can host multiple airline applications, providing passengers to use any kiosk and process through check-in with the airline they are flying with, in just a couple of screens.

IER ALISS application is known for its references within airports and airlines worldwide and is building up on the considerable expertise acquired through diversified use cases.

Why choose ALISS?


  • A fully supported application that can be tailored to the airport branding guidelines
  • Offering airlines to mirror their own template style branding within the airport branded touchpoints
  • Save airport space by pooling kiosks’ capabilities for all airlines in one single hardware

This solution, implemented in 2017 at Changi Airport, connected to Navitaire DCS, serving Scoot and Cebu Pacific Air has reached the expected annual successful transaction volumes within 6 months and contributed significantly to the airport FAST initiative.


  • Optimize investment in a turnkey software application for all their departure  stations
  • Put passengers in control, allowing them to navigate through the application and select their preferences
  • Retain their own brand within a shared kiosk
  • Compatible with any airline DCS


Customers such as Latam Airlines, Azul, Brazilian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia have chosen ALISS for their check-in application.

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