Company IER
Date 23.05.2018

IER, Your trusted worldwide partner

From booking to check-in to baggage drop to boarding and border crossing, IER is committed to ensure passengers enjoy a “memorable airport experience” by offering them a complete suite of self-service solutions. Strategic partnerships with organizations such as IATA and ACI provide us with further insights and help us contribute to the development of aviation solutions.

IER size and structure allows us to be sensitive to local cultures and operating environments by combining local delivery capability with broad international experience and competence, and gives us access to a world class knowledge management in specialist subject matters such as Engineering / Software development / Maintenance.

A renowned expertise on the airline market

  • Technical and technological proficiency: Innovation & Design, Development and Validation divisions
  • Solution Design Service tailored to airlines specific environment
  • Systems integration allowing turnkey solutions and seamless project management
  • Expertise in leading-edge technologies like biometrics, RFID or NFC
  • Offering tailored services from Project Management leadership and steering with assistance & maintenance services

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