Company EASIER
Date 16.10.2018

Expediting arriving international travelers through US Customs

In order to help airports expedite arriving international passengers through US Customs, IER is offering a wide range of automated products and solutions for passport control, including Automated Passport Control (APC), Mobile Passport Control and e-Gates.

The IER 919 kiosk, already well-known for its self-service check-in capabilities, is also supporting APC applications and is particularly suitable for airports willing to accommodate a growing number of passengers. Eligible international travelers arriving in the US can submit their customs declaration form with biometric information electronically and reduce the time to engage with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel

San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

Nashville International Airport

New York Newark Liberty International Airport

Kansas City International Airport

IER 919 APC kiosk key features

  • Automation of border control meaning reduced waiting times
  • Processing passport and flight data, managing declarations, capturing passenger photos, authenticating through biometric facial recognition, scanning fingerprints and providing a printed receipt for Customs processing
  • Minimizing the agent’s workload and expedite passengers through Customs
  • A secure front-end to Customs back-end systems compliant with ADA accessibility requirements

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