IHSE Newsletter October 2017

Company IHSE GmbH
Date 30.10.2017
High-Speed KVM for Motorsports

IHSE KVM system in race control

A major world race series has deployed the latest Riedel and IHSE technology to aid race management and control. During each race, a Draco tera KVM matrix system is used to transmit data and race information including GPS tracking and video streams.
IHSE Insider
Featured: Alexandra Bürger
Alexandra Bürger joined IHSE in March 2017 and is responsible for quality management and process planning. more…
Tera Viewer
IP-based Monitoring and Switching
With Tera Viewer, users can conveniently check and monitor images as often as required in control-and-monitoring applications. more…
Broadcast Innovation Days
At the roadshow in Manila and Bangkok, IHSE presents the latest innovations in the broadcast industry, together with Broadcast Solutions and Riedel, November 6 and 9, 2017. more…
Broadcast India
IHSE invited Jonathan Wales
Veteran Film Mixer and Studio Owner Jonathan Wales gave a Keynote address at Broadcast India, about how to handle complex scenarios in the mixing world. more…
VfB Friedrichshafen
IHSE partners with volleyball champion
Local company, IHSE has provided sponsorship to the European Championsleague winner VfB Friedrichshafen volleyball team for the past year. more…


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