Ikusi deploys its slot management solution at Rio de Janeiro’s main international airport

Company IKUSI
Date 20.06.2016
  • The Condor by Slotix solution is the outcome of collaboration between Ikusi and Cohor, the French airport coordinator.

Ikusi has deployed its Condor by Slotix solution at Rio Galeao airport in Rio de Janeiro to address the growing demand for operations set to take place as a result of the holding of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

The solution enables the conditions so that the airport’s department of operations and planning can schedule its operations in line with its capacity, while seeking to use its resources to a maximum, reduce peaks and incentivize the airlines to comply strictly with the allotted slots. All this works by optimizing the scheduling of airport slots in line with international standards (IATA’s Worldwide Slot Guidelines) but by adapting them to the local conditions.

Ikusi has deployed Condor by Slotix at the airport’s data centre and has adapted it to its infrastructure. Ikusi has integrated it into the existing AODB at the airport using the AIDX (Aviation Informa­tion Data Exchange) standard to enable the slots to be properly monitored.

The efficient management of the slots made possible by the Ikusi solution improves the use of the airport’s current capacity, allows the airport to attract new operations with the same infrastructure, provides capacity to be able to distribute the demand for operations on the basis of the long-standing ones and airline needs, encourages the airlines to engage in healthy competition to comply with the allotted slots, and helps to manage the air traffic load better through close cooperation between the airport and the air navigation authorities and by sharing data.

These are benefits that are going to help Rio Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro address the challenge posed by the holding of the Olympic Games in Brazil.




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