Improving the security experience with a little help from e-commerce and CRM

Company Rezcomm
Date 04.08.2016

When it comes to pain points in airports the most stressful one for passengers is security, though the negative emotions associated with passing through this bugbear are more about the waiting than the inconvenience of removing items of clothing and the occasional pat down.

Everyone accepts that security is an inevitable part of passing through an airport, but nobody likes waiting – especially if there’s not long to go until their flight. This frustrating downtime, ranging from 3 – 10 minutes in the UK, can seem like an eternity when there’s a deadline and especially if passengers are already stressed out.

While new technologies have made many aspects of the airport experience more efficient and painless there’s a limit to how much of the security process can be automated. However, improved scanning technology, smarter queuing systems, and a valuable distraction in the form of e-commerce can help airports to create the best security experience poss…

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