Imtradex launching a two button PTT for multiple use cases

Company Imtradex
Date 21.06.2022

30 years of being an excellent partner for the ANSP’s all over the globe lead to the development of the brand-new AirTalk® PTT-19 Dual. The new PTT provides a dual PTT capability for the ATCO to enhance communication capabilities at hand.

The PTT comes with two different coloured buttons, which are available in 5 colours. The two buttons can also be customized with a kind of embossed printing to have a feelable difference at the thumb of your hand. Furthermore, the PTT can be optional delivered with a safety bulk to provide a highly feelable separation of the two buttons.

The AirTalk® PTT-19 Dual is shaped perfectly to the palm of your hand, exactly as the single button PTT-19 version. The PTT-19 Dual will be included into the complete AirTalk® Family to fit to the different headsets, such as the latest AirTalk® 5000 series.



The PTT-19 Dual button at a glance:

  • Perfect fit to the palm of your hand
  • Two buttons with options for visible and feelable differences
  • Connection to any VCS supporting dual PTT function
  • Different headset options available, such as the AirTalk 5000
  • Durable and customized connection cable to the VCS



Media contact:
Benjamin Baier, Head of Business Development
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