Ink Aviation delivers Leap's DCS in 6 days

Company Ink Aviation
Date 30.04.2018

Leap launches with Ink Aviation’s mobile DCS solution, Ink Touch, in less than a week.

Leap, a Norwegian carrier flying between Ørland and Oslo, needed an innovative system to process passengers and had just seven days to get it in place.

Ink Touch was selected as the ideal solution as it would allow their operation to run without the need for fixed-desk infrastructure or desktop hardware.

The system is quick and easy to implement, making it the perfect fit for Leap’s needs. Andreas Røecto, Leap’s CIO, commented that the agility and flexibility of Ink’s solution made him confident we could meet their requirements within a strict deadline. He included the fact that while the desktop DCS is certified on all major CUTE platforms, it provides the unique benefit of incorporating mobile technology to avoid desktops altogether.

Andreas explained: “We visited Midtjyllands Airport [formerly Karup] in Denmark to see Ink’s solution in action and liked it immediately. The next day we met the owners, signed the contract and returned home with the hardware in our hands.”

“We spent three hours the next day training our staff on how to use the mobile application and printers and the following day we went live with our first flight.”

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