Innovative LED Airfield Lighting Solutions

Company HELLA Induperm
Date 13.05.2013

HELLA offers a wide range of innovative LED airfield lighting, which was developed in close cooperation with various international airports – their individual requirements, characteristics and needs regarding airfield lighting are taken into account and serve as a basis for further developments in the airport lighting sector.

The product portfolio includes elevated and inset lights for runways and taxiways as well as signs and additional equipment. Thanks to the use of the latest LED technology, HELLA airfield lighting solutions carry high savings in energy and maintenance costs, when compared to traditional halogen lighting.

The conversion to LED lighting pays off in many ways: not only that the lifetime of LEDs with approximately 50,000 hours is many times higher than the durability of common halogen lamps – their power consumption is also reduced by up to 85 percent. Due to lower power consumption CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. In addition, LEDs are mercury-free; an aspect that will gain a high relevance as a result of the EU wide ban on mercury bulbs in 2015. Moreover, resulting from the durability of the products, material consumption can be reduced to a minimum and contributes to the significant savings in maintenance.

Based on our experience in lighting equipment for airports, HELLA has also developed innovative LED solutions for helicopter landing pads, which also correspond to the international standards such as ICAO.

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