INTOS extends its VCA company certification

Company INTOS interior solutions
Date 02.08.2017

INTOS has re-obtained its internationally recognized VCA company certification. Security has always been an important issue for our work at external locations, but also internally at our office and our working place. Because of this certification clients are assured that INTOS fully complies with the legal working conditions and that our interior and construction activities do not endanger safety, health and environment (VGM).


VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment (VGM) Checklist Contractors. The certification is done by an independent certification body (CI), which conducts an audit. When you meet the VCA requirements, you will receive the VCA certificate. This is valid for three years. INTOS has been successful through this strict inspection and is therefore fully certified for the next three years. An annual check is done within these three years to make sure INTOS still meets the certification requirements.

More about the VCA certificate as a part of our delivered quality, you will find here.


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