INTOS introduces the Hybrid Check-in Counter

Company INTOS Airport Solutions
Date 21.10.2019

INTOS Interior Solutions has developed a hybrid check-in counter that can check-in passengers the traditional way, but can also easily be converted into a self check-in and bag drop. The counter doesn’t take up any extra space and because it is custom made it can be adjusted to the look&feel of the specific airport. The self check-in module can be installed overnight into existing counters.

The design was revealed during the airport exhibition Inter Airport Europe 2019 in Munich last week. There was a lot of interest from the visitors and the reactions were very positive.

Especially the integrated module was of big interest to people.’ Says Carlo Kastelijns, Business Development Manager at INTOS. ‘The freedom in the design of the counter and the integrated functionalities that can be installed into the counter was received as very positive.

The counter was developed to fill the gap between traditional check-in and complete self service. In doing so, this counter provides the solutions for airports that want to offer both ways of check-in to their passengers and want to be flexible doing this. With only one push of the button you can transform this counter into a self service and bag drop.

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