Introducing The All New Battery Powered 7400 GPU Ideal For Gates Without Fixed 400 HZ

Company ITW GSE
Date 11.10.2017

Highly flexible, zero emissions, silent, no maintenance, 5 year’s warranty….

You are not dreaming. These are just some of the great qualities of the all new battery powered 7400 GPU from ITW GSE, the world’s leading supplier of Ground Support Equipment –  a complete clean-tech concept never seen before on the GSE market. As the unit is neither dependent on diesel, other types of fuel nor electricity at input, it can be used anywhere where 400 Hz supply is needed: gates without fixed 400 Hz, gates where airlines can use their own equipment, remote parking areas and in hangars.


We are talking about a pure ITW GSE 2400 solid-state converter powered by Nissan Leaf battery packs; both proven technologies.  As other ITW GSE products, the 7400 is of modular design meaning that the final version can be equipped with the number of battery packs that suit the actual power requirements. And when recharging is required, no need to search for any special power source. The on-board charger simply allows recharging from the nearest 50/60Hz socket. That simply is flexibility!

It goes without saying that the 7400 GPU provides the same outstanding, well-proven qualities of other ITW GSE solid-state GPUs like a voltage second to none at the aircraft plug, individual phase regulation of each output phase and of course the ITW GSE icon-based user interface. Simple operation, quick service and repair and the spare part communality are other advantages of the ITW GSE Way of thinking!


  • Savings on Operating Expenditures of USD 120K in 10 years (compared to engine drive)
  • Total Cost of Ownership lower than diesel after 6 years
  • CO2 emissions only 1/10 compared to Tier 3 engine drive unit
  • Built-in redundancy – if one battery pack fails, others take over
  • Batteries can be repurposed as power banks
  • Production commences August 2018


Successfully tested in collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Nissan, the ITW GSE 7400 can be previewed at Inter Airport 2017. Additional field testing will take place in Spring 2018 and production start will take place from August 2018

The ITW GSE 7400 GPU is a step towards a cleaner and greener future:

  • for the planet reducing the airport’s CO2 and NOx footprint
  • for the airport staff providing a healthier work environment
  • for the airport lowering operational costs.


ITW GSE believes in continuous development and state-of-the-art products. No other supplier within our business segment has brought so many innovative products to the market. Today, most products are based on ITW GSE’s common platform design. This concept has been a key element in achieving the excellent financial results of the complete ITW group which makes us a dependable innovative partner, providing the cleanest, most reliable and cost efficient GSE systems to the aviation industry.


The fact that all products are equipped with a common icon-based user interface as intuitive to use as a smart phone or a tablet. Therefore, airport staff, already familiar with one ITW GSE product, can easily operate another ITW GSE product. The common design limits the number of human errors during operation and makes product training much simpler. Other advantages are the quick service and repair and the spare part communality that reduces stock requirements. That’s the ITW GSE Way of thinking!

The common platform has been entirely implemented in the line powered portfolio that includes the 1400 – 28 VDC unit, the 2400 – 400 Hz Compact GPU, the 2400 Power Coil as well as the 3400 Modular PCA unit. All of which are CE compliant or UL listed.

But also the 4400, 400 Hz diesel powered GPU, the new 5400 gasoline-driven 400 Hz unit, plus the 6400 JetEx8 28 VDC and last but not least the 7400 Battery Driven GPU are based on the common platform design.


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