Ireland to deploy new Automatic Border Control solution

Company Vision-Box
Date 04.10.2017

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) have awarded Vision-Box™, the worldwide leader in Passenger Experience and Automated Border Control Solutions, the framework to deploy a new Border Management Solution based on biometric Automated Border Control eGates, in Ireland. Initially this will comprise 10 eGates at Dublin Airport (DUB) Terminal 1 and 10 eGates at Terminal 2 plus supporting solutions.

INIS under the Minister for Justice and Equality in Ireland awarded Vision-Box™ the contract after an open tender competition that witnessed all the industry-leading companies vying for the opportunity to commit to this project. Vision-Box™ had proved their value and stability to INIS and DUB in the past with an extremely successful three-year pilot using the leading-edge vb i-match™ ABC eGate solution.

The initial deployment is a continuation of the improvements made to increase DUB airport capacity to 35 million yearly passengers. The installation of the vb i-match™ ABC eGate biometric solution will create a visible clearance option for passengers holding eligible e-Passports or the Irish Passport Identification Cards.

Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice and Equality highlights that “The introduction of the eGates will greatly enhance immigration controls and border security, while at the same time providing an improved passenger experience through the immigration process.”

vb i-match™ ABC will read and authenticate both ePassports and Irish Passport Identification Card in addition to guaranteeing that only legitimate passengers cross the border. Equipped with the best-in-class biometric facial capture and matching technology, vb i-match™ ABC provides a rigorous biometric border security infrastructure and near-perfect biometric accuracy through passenger identity verification.

Additionally, the availability of eGates, combined with a faster processing capability will add capacity to the airport and offer a more positive effect on passenger experience, byminimizing the lines for border crossing both at automated lanes and manual border controls at peak times. They thus meet the airport challenge of resolving the stresses placed on airport infrastructures and personnel by the rising numbers of international travellers, without a proportional increase in operating costs.

According to Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann, “The adoption of ABC eGates, initially at DUB‘s port of entry, immediately places Ireland at the forefront of countries creating more secure borders through the use of innovative and reliable biometric border control technology. However, Automated Border Control is just a first step in modernizing the Irish borders. This framework agreement with INIS strengthened our commitment to work collaboratively in more cutting-edge initiatives towards tight security, efficient border control operations and Seamless Travel.

Starting now, the framework agreement just signed between INIS and the industry partner Vision-Box™ also permits for the addition of a Registered Traveller Program in the near-future, allowing for even more passengers to enjoy an even faster and secure journey into Ireland.


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