KwickScreen: portable, retractable infection control screens for your airport

Company KwickScreen
Date 12.04.2021

At KwickScreen, we design & build Covid-secure screens which make it safe for people to share the same space.

Our portable, retractable screens are ideal for use in an airport setting. As a visible infection control measure, they give passengers confidence in their safety.

And they enable you to make use of your whole site — so you can get back to normal capacity.

You can use KwickScreens to:

  • Act as a social distancing barrier between passengers standing in a queue
  • Create a partition between chairs in a lounge
  • Separate or funnel passengers into different areas

Kwick facts about KwickScreens

    • Medical-grade infection prevention: KwickScreens are designed for use in hospitals, so they’ve been rigorously tested and built to withstand constant cleaning and use in high traffic spaces
    • Trusted all over the world: our screens are in every single NHS trust in the UK and 18 countries internationally
    • Compliant with all international fire regulations
    • 2 year manufacturing warranty

At KwickScreen, we’ve been pioneers in the infection control space for 12 years. Our patented, award-winning designs create safe space for people everyday.

To find out more about us and our screens, visit our website at 



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