Kwik-Klik hoards escalator area at Gatwick tube station

Company Kwik-Klik Hoardings Limited
Date 22.10.2019

Kwik-Klik installed 43 linear metres of R-11 Station Upgrade hoarding at Gatwick Airport’s tube station.

The R-11 hoarding seen in the photographs meets both Network Rail and London Underground Limited’s safety criteria for hoardings used during station upgrades.

The hoarding was needed to screen essential work on the passenger escalators leading down to the tube station platform.

As shown in the photographs Kwik-Klik’s experienced team installed a robust and professional hoarding down a long flight of stairs and also installed personnel doors in the hoarding to allow secure trades access to the work area.

Kwik-Klik’s R-11 Station Upgrade hoarding system is specified in the Network Rail Managed Stations Manual and is approved for use by London Underground Limited.

Re-usable and re-locatable PVC panels are clipped to a sturdy frame at the rear of the hoarding to create a smooth and profession public-facing façade.

Panels are made of 100% recycled PVC and and off-cuts are 100% recyclable. Using this system generates Zero Waster to Landfill sites.


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