Leidos are heading to Passenger Terminal Expo!

Company Leidos - Chroma
Date 26.01.2017

With capacity and passenger experience continuing to be the KEY FOCUS AREAS for airports, we are excited to share our capabilities and vision for airport terminal operations at PTE.

“1 in 3 Passengers chose their transfer airport based on experience”
Kari Savolainen, President and CEO, Finavia

Interesting statistic, right?

Everyday starts with a plan, but things rarely go “to plan”. Now think about how having real-time information that helps you to ACT rather than REACT to a challenging situation.

Want to know how you can achieve this? Join us for a coffee in our demo lounge – or if you aren’t attending the show, you can also request a call with one of our airport consultants.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out our whitepapers that focus on Terminal Optimisation.


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