Lifts All News February 2021

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Date 09.02.2021

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Lifts All News February 2021

A new year brings new beginnings. 2021 started with the fantastic news that the vaccine was being distributed around the world. Furthermore, our Basic gripper played a small part in the distribution process, by lifting the vaccine at the pharmaceutical factories. Read more about that, and other news down below.

NEW ProWood film

ProWood can easily lift and tilt all sorts of sheets, window panes and panels. The vacuum gripper comes in four models with different lifting capacity, but can also be customized according to your needs. See the new ProWood film!

Basic is lifting the vaccine

The Basic has a wide range of applications for lifting boxes, sheets and buckets in different industries. Now the Basic is also used in the pharmaceutical factories that makes the Covid-19 vaccine. Read more here!

Grippers for pharmaceuticals

From polished welded joints, to stainless steel grippers and air that needs to be evacuated from the room: Pharmaceutical factories often have very specific equipment requirements. We at Lifts All have created several grippers that live up to clean room standards. View some of them here.

Basic update

That our lifting tools are ergonomically beneficial does not only mean that they relieve the strain of lifting from the operator. They should also be nice to use and suit individual needs. That is why the Basic´s new grey up and down buttons are shortened, while the red off buttons are extended, to be easy to reach for both small and big hands.

New in: Mechanical gripper for bed frames

Our mechanical gripper for bed frames lifts and tilts bed frames of different sizes. Work that needed to be done by two people, can now be managed by one. The tool also makes it easier to work independently and avoid wear and tear injury. Read more about the lifting tool here!

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